Cure for the Common Leader

What Physicians & Managers Must Do to Engage & Inspire Healthcare Teams

“People leave when the boss isn’t great. And patients leave when the team isn’t great. The shortest path to healthcare teams that work hard, get along, and wow patients is a leader on site who knows how to get their team firing on all cylinders. When that person is present, people not only stay, they thrive.” 

– Joe Mull

“Finally, a leadership manual for physicians, practice managers, unit directors, chief nursing officers, or anyone else serving as someone’s boss in a healthcare setting. This book is a powerful primer on successfully building teams and leading people.”

Why are some healthcare teams polluted by conflict, gossip, and lack of effort, while others work hard, get along and wow patients?

Research says it’s the boss that makes the difference.

The most engaged and inspired healthcare teams don’t get that way by chance. They are led by physicians and managers who create the conditions necessary for people to thrive. Yet many leaders in healthcare settings lack insight into what employees must experience to be their best, every day.

Cure for the Common Leader translates the latest research on leadership, employee engagement, and motivation into SEVEN actions physicians and managers must take to engage and inspire.

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Includes the following book-related resources for physicians & managers:

  • A Stay Interview Questionnaire
  • A Staff Agreement exercise
  • 26 Questions for Engaging One-on-Ones
  • A Retreat Planning Guide
  • A 20 Minute Staff Development activity
  • A Physicians & Managers Checklist for Welcoming New Employees
  • How to Write Reviews that Get Results

“Energetic, worthwhile, helpful, high energy, and he hit real problems.”  – J. Hehman, Director of Operations, UPP


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